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  • Our services prior to the actual sale includes but is not limited to

    • Consulting with family to ensure we meet expectations and goals for the sale

    • Organizing and merchandising the contents of the home for most effective exposure of items and flow of traffic through home. 

    • Research and pricing items to sell at fair market value 

    • Advertising of sale to attract as many buyers as possible through local paper,, Facebook, and our website

    • Informing neighboring homeowners the week of the sale so they are aware of additional traffic (if applicable)

  • Services provided during the sale include but are not limited to

    • Posting of signs locally and on site to direct buyers to sale

    • Protecting homeowner and property with signage (liability related: not responsible for accidents, COVID/social distancing message, watch your step, etc.)

    • Can distribute information concerning sale of home if it is on the market

    • Staff will be on site and working throughout property to conduct sale and assist buyers

    • We take great care to keep home neat and organized during the sale 

    • Payment forms accepted are cash, checks, major credit cards, Venmo, and PayPal

    • We handle selling all types of items, including vehicles, outdoor equipment and machinery, tools, furniture, home items, kitchen items, jewelry, clothing and shoes, linens....everything but the house. 

    • We will always consolidate and tidy up home after the sale to leave the home better than we found it. 

    •  The process of clearing out remaining items will be something we discuss and agree on before we close out the sale. 

      • If a complete clearing out of unsold items is needed (usually in order to sell the home), we will assist in coordinating an agreement with one of several professionals that offers clean out services. 

      • If client wishes to keep and retain ownership of remaining items, we will organize as neatly as possible and leave in the home.

      • If client requests to keep items,but wishes to engage us after the onsite sale to list furniture or other high value items online, we will do that for agreed upon percentage of the selling price once it sells.


Our mission is to accomplish the goals of the seller by liquidating the estate in a professional manner and obtaining the maximum fair market price for all items, while also providing buyers with a pleasant shopping experience. We will do everything within our power and reasonable to ensure you are completely satisfied and want to recommend us to others!


– The McGehee Estate Solutions Team

You may wonder why we cannot immediately give you a rate. Here's why:

Every situation is different, so the solution estate sale companies  provide is not "one-size-fits-all". We NEVER charge up front and work on a percentage of total sales for most of the services involved in a sale, but we need to have a conversation with potential clients to fully understand your needs before quoting a rate

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